Radal: radiation & convection

Why Radal ?

Radal GR7 is designed for a fast and simply assembly. It combines all needed accessories and dimensions for the different lay-outs and walls types of configuration, such as roll-over reinforcement.

Due to its modern design, the Radal GR7 offers greater reliability and an easier cleaning process.

Thanks to the aluminum structure, the heater is much lighter, has a greater power capacity and ensures a recyclable process.

Fast comfort

In practice, Radal GR7 provides a more adequate thermal environment. The power capacity is equally and naturally distributed through both: convection and radiation.

Passengers feel a greater thermal comfort inside the vehicle.

The air flow velocity is low, ensuring an ideal thermal satisfaction.

Thanks to its design, in case you touch the Radal GR7 surface, you will not longer get burned.

Radal GR7

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