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Buses & Coaches

Sanz Clima offers a complete range of HVAC products for transit buses and coaches, from underseat heaters to rooftop AC units.

Or team is specialized on developing customized solutions to meet customer requirements and expectations.

Explore our range of standard products or contact our team to ask for a tailor-made solution.

Trucks & Vans

Sanz Clima product portfolio includes a wide range of product for trucks and vans.

The new connected Xtralight AC units adapts to current market necessities and responds to challenges in the industry, offering numerous advantages as online connectivity, usage of new materials and easiness of installation.

Sleeping HVAC units for truck drivers and AC systems for refrigerated transport are also included in our standard solutions.

Ambulances & Special vehicles

Ambulances and other specialty vehicles can also find the most suitable HVAC solution within Sanz Clima product portfolio.

Explore the range of compact HVAC units, customized heaters or rooftop AC systems or contact our engineering team to develop a customized equipment for your vehicle.

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