Trucks & Vans

Complete range of AC units for truck cabins and transport refrigeration


Sanz Clima AC units for trucks and vans are designed to guarantee sturdiness and offer extra-long life of operation.

Complete range

From a small van to a big truck, Sanz Clima covers the whole spectrum of capacity and requirements

Installation and service

Official installation and service points throughout the country, offering immediate support.

Dreiha Polar for transport refrigeration

Dreiha Polar is the new Sanz Clima range of AC systems for transport refrigeration, pharmaceutical or any other product that demand a controlled cold temperature during transport to final destination.

Dreiha Polar includes a wide range of different options, including diesel or electric drive unit with or without plug-in options. Sanz Clima specialists will help you find the most suitable solution for your application.

No-idle HVAC units

No-idle HVAC units are systems that work independently from the vehicle operation, guaranteeing long operation during day/night shifts when the vehicle is off. Roof or back mounted, and even smart systems installed on the chassis structure, Sanz Clima offers a wide range of units to cover all necessities.

We all agree that drivers deserve the best rest after a long working day so Sanz Clima is committed to offer AC and heating units that guarantee thermal comfort on truck cabins.

Standard HVAC units

Standard compact or split HVAC systems for trucks and vans. Available on underseat, dash, headliner or roof locations.

Available configurations:

Standard Heating or Cooling only
Standard Heating + Cooling
Control panel and air outlet upon customer request


Aluminum and plastic housing availability
Brush or brushless blower
Dual coil heat + cool
All necessary installation components included
Control panel customization
Air outlet configuration

Request custom product