Buses & Coaches

A complete range of HVAC products for transit buses and coaches

Know-how and experience

With more than 60 years of operation in the industry, Sanz Clima demonstrates a great experience and deep know-how on the design of heating and AC systems.

Quality and reliability

We design under the most demanding quality standards. Sanz Clima products are synonym of quality and reliability, with proven sturdiness and long life cycle on products on road.


Sanz Clima is constantly evolving and providing innovation, upgrading the existing product portfolio with the latest trends and market needs.


Defrosters are HVAC systems to heat and cool the driver cabin and defrost the windshield. As the available space within the chassis structure is usually tight and complex, Sanz Clima adapts to customer’s requirements and designs a customized unit in collaboration with the bodybuilder.

Available defrosters configurations:

Standard Heating or Cooling only
Standard Heating + Cooling
Electric Heating (PTC resistances) + Cooling
Smart modular configuration with plastic housings


Compact and lightweight with aluminum/plastic structure
12/24V for electric components
Brushless blowers
Copper or aluminum heater core and evaporator
Different port diameter configuration from 16mm (5/8’’) to 25.4mm (1’’)
Electric: PTC from 12VDC to 800VDC

Standard convectors

Convectors, are fan or non-fan heaters that exchange heat from the coolant circuit to the air inside conditioned space. They are ideal for use in areas with large spans of windows, such as transit buses, coaches, school buses and shuttle buses/Sprinter Vans. Mounted at floor level on exterior walls and under windows, convectors provide optimized and distributed heat along the vehicle, guaranteeing passengers’ comfort.

Sanz Clima convector’s kits are customized according to customer needs, adjusting to the required length, and offering different piping material and outlet configurations. All necessary installation items are included, reducing assembly time in the line.

Available convectors range and configurations:

1 or 2 coolant pipes
Aluminum or copper pipes
Natural convectors: Heating capacity range from 400 W/m (416 Btu/h per foot) to 1300 W/m t(1352 Btu/h per foot)
Forced convectors: 3, 4 or 5 fans per module. Heating capacity range from 3 kW (10200 Btu/h) to 5 kW (17000 Btu/h) per module


Customized length and configuration
Aesthetic design
Design allows a perfect combination of natural and forced convectors
All necessary installation accessories included

Electric convectors

Evolving with the industry needs, Sanz Clima has designed electric convectors that respond to the necessity of electric heaters on electric and hybrid buses.

Electric convectors, unlike standard convectors, incorporate electric resistances to heat the passenger’s area and driver cabin.

With a wide variety of lengths and voltages, Sanz Clima electric convectors can be installed from minibuses to large transit buses and coaches.

Auxiliary heaters

Auxiliary heaters support the main heating system on specific locations where an additional heat load is required. They are usually mounted on under-seat compartments, next to doors or in isolated spaces.

Available configurations:

Different sizes and heating capacities upon needs
3 speeds or PWM configuration
Different port diameter configuration from 16mm (5/8’’) to 25.4mm (1’’).
Side or central coolant connection


Compact and lightweight with plastic housing
Flexibility of installation
Brush or brushless blower
Very long life
Versatility and optimized performance

Electric heaters

Analogously to standard auxiliary heaters, electric heaters are used on electric or fuel cell buses and installed on under seat compartments or other specific areas. PTC or tubular resistances are used, substituting heater cores on standard auxiliary heaters.

Sanz Clima possess a deep know-how and experience on electric heaters and has been a leading supplier in the market for the last decades, especially in the European market.

Explore our range of standard electric heaters or contact our team in case there are specific requirements.

Rooftop AC units

Sanz Clima offers a complete range of rooftop AC units. Suitable for any vehicle type and size, our portfolio of AC units is characterized by their degree of customization and innovation, incorporating customer’s choice on components, cover and accessories. Sanz Clima units are NOW offering online connectivity, remote diagnosis and fleet management system.

Characteristics and benefits:

AC units range from 3.5 kW (12,000 Btu/h) to 37 kW (126,000 Btu/h).
Heating optional in all models
Very long life. Brushless blowers and axial fans.
Telematics technology and innovation
Customization on covers and other internal components
Installation kits included upon customer request

Split AC units

Split AC units, more popular on double-decker buses, shuttle buses and school buses, are systems where the components are installed separately, contrary to what happens with rooftop units.

As with the rest of products, Sanz Clima adapts to the project needs and designs according to the specifications. Plastic, aluminum or steel housings, as well as a wide variety of coils and electric components, allow us to find the best fit for your vehicle.

Skirt mount condensers

Skirt mount condensers are part of the AC system and highly popular especially in North America. They are usually designed and sold separately.

Sanz Clima, thanks to Kenway Engineering experience in the North American market, offers a complete selection of 12V and 24V electric condensers with various mounting kits.

From barely 0.75 kW (2,500 Btu/h) to 50 kW (170,000 Btu/h) condensing capacity, Sanz Clima can design and manufacture any kind of system needed.

Rooftop extractors

Rooftop extractors are mounted on the vehicle roof and pull the air from the cabin or passenger’s area. This guarantees a clean environment and removes contaminants, virus or bacteria from the atmosphere, also allowing to have a continuous air flow to ventilate the vehicle.

Dreiha GmbH, German subsidiary of Sanz Clima Group, has been designing and producing rooftop extractors with excellent results during the last decades. A wide variety of air flow and operating modes are offered to cover all need and requirements.

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