Ambulances & Special vehicles

Customized or standard HVAC units for ambulances and specialty vehicles


Design according to specifications and needs in collaboration with our customers.


Optimized performance and selection of the best components in the market

Installation and service

Official installation and service points throughout the country, offering immediate support.

Standard HVAC units

Standard compact or split HVAC systems for ambulances and specialty vehicles. Available on underseat, dash, headliner or roof locations.

Available configurations:

Standard Heating or Cooling only
Standard Heating + Cooling
Control panel and air outlet upon customer request


Aluminum and plastic housing availability
Brush or brushless blower
Dual coil heat + cool
All necessary installation components included
Control panel customization
Air outlet configuration

Custom HVAC units

Sanz Clima has the know-how and resources to develop HVAC units from scratch according to customer needs and specifications.

Tell us about your specific needs and our specialists will advise and design the most suitable unit for your vehicle.

Request custom product