Control devices

Complete range of standard and innovative control devices for 1 or several control areas


Sanz Clima Telematic incorporate internet connectivity providing remote control, real time alerts and diagnosis or online maintenance management, among other benefits.

Total control

From 1 control area on small cabins to articulated transit buses with 2 or 3 control areas.

Quality and reliability

We design under the most demanding quality standards. Sanz Clima products are synonym of quality and reliability, with proven sturdiness and long life cycle on products on road.

Innovative IOT controllers

Sanz Clima has developed a new range of connected control devices, named Galileo, Einstein and Newton. Apart from controlling the HVAC unit operation and reaching the required interior temperature, these innovative IoT devices are constantly monitoring the operation of the system and reporting its performance to the cloud.

Characteristics and benefits:

Real time remote diagnosis and statistics
Corrective, preventive and predictive maintenance due to implemented AI
Online access to spare parts and documentation
Warranty and maintenance management
Access to the closest workshops based on GPS location

Conventional one-zone controller

One-zone control devices manage the operation of the HVAC unit up to one area of control.

They are suitable for single cabins or control of the defroster unit or auxiliary heaters.

Explore our range of single zone controllers or ask our team to explore other options.

Conventional two-zones controller

Two-zones control devices manage the operation of different control HVAC systems that operate on different areas.

They are suitable for transit buses and coaches, where the driver controls the temperature of the defroster unit and passenger’s area. They are also used when controlling different heating or AC units within the same control area.

Explore our range of two- zone controllers or ask our team to explore other options.

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