Air purification & filtration

Safe, clean and purified air inside conditioned spaces


Sanz Clima air filtration units guarantee safety for passengers, removing contaminants with secure technologies.

Easy installation

Easy and fast installation, ready to be installed on the vehicle ceiling or intake air area, depending on the application.


Sanz Clima is constantly evolving and providing innovation, upgrading the existing product portfolio with the latest trends and market needs.

Air purifier Mini

Available in 12V and suitable for vehicles up to 13 passengers, purifier MINI is mounted on the vehicle ceiling. It incorporates an interior axial fan to guarantee the air circulation through the purifier.

It is easy to install and a great solution for small cabs, vans, shuttle buses or any other transportation vehicle. If needed for more than 13 passengers, there is the possibility of mounting more than one along the vehicle.

Air purifier Secure-Air

Available in 12V or 24V and suitable for all kind of buses and coaches, Secure-Air purifier is mounted on the recirculated air area of the HVAC system. The vehicle interior air, when returning to the HVAC unit, passes through a series of different layers in the air purifier, removing odors, contaminants and all kind of virus and bacteria.

Secure-Air purifier can be installed on a single return air area, or on double. Additionally, it includes an optional screen to monitor the air quality inside the vehicle.

Explore our range of purifiers and do not hesitate on incorporating this solution to guarantee safety for passengers and drivers.

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