Sanz Clima has developed a new range of connected control devices, named Galileo, Einstein and Newton.

Apart from controlling the HVAC unit operation and reaching the required interior temperature, these innovative IoT devices are constantly monitoring the operation of the system and reporting its performance to the cloud.

Different sensors are installed on the HVAC unit, collecting information and sending this information to the cloud by means of a SIM card. This information is collected and analyzed by algorithms and AI, providing real time diagnosis and alerts. Users can check all the information about the unit via Clima.Center app, being able to manage maintenance or buy spare parts online.

Check Sanz Telematic for more information.

Characteristics and benefits:

Real time remote diagnosis and statistics
Corrective, preventive and predictive maintenance due to implemented AI
Online access to spare parts and documentation
Warranty and maintenance management
Access to the closest workshops based on GPS location.