Convectors, are fan or non-fan heaters that exchange heat from the coolant circuit to the air inside conditioned space. They are ideal for use in areas with large spans of windows, such as transit buses, coaches, school buses and shuttle buses/Sprinter Vans. Mounted at floor level on exterior walls and under windows, convectors provide optimized and distributed heat along the vehicle, guaranteeing passengers’ comfort.

Sanz Clima convector’s kits are customized according to customer needs, adjusting to the required length, and offering different piping material and outlet configurations. All necessary installation items are included, reducing assembly time in the line.

Available convectors range and configurations:

1 or 2 coolant pipes
Aluminum or copper pipes
Natural convectors: Heating capacity range from 400 W/m (416 Btu/h per foot) to 1300 W/m t(1352 Btu/h per foot)
Forced convectors: 3, 4 or 5 fans per module. Heating capacity range from 3 kW (10200 Btu/h) to 5 kW (17000 Btu/h) per module


Customized length and configuration
Aesthetic design
Design allows a perfect combination of natural and forced convectors
All necessary installation accessories included