Frequently asked questions

Yes, Sanz Clima is always aware of our customer needs and puts resources into practice to succeed enhancing different tailored solutions.

Yes, we are an open company with many partnerships and different business models. Sanz Clima distributes different products for varied markets. Such as coolers, special heaters for bed compartments of trucks and special AC products.

Yes, Sanz Clima has a range of Xtralight AC products with different sizes, electric applications and customized solutions for Double Decker buses and different types of industrial vehicles. For further information go to markets, there, you can take a look at the different vehicles in which we are present.

Yes, download our catalog for spare parts to get to see the components. Thanks to our worldwide presence, we deliver spare parts from your closest offices. Take a look at the map.

Yes, thanks to the Brazilian subsidiary, Sanz Clima supplies HVAC products to the biggest bodybuilders in south America.

North America is a brand new market for us in where our new delegation has been already established.

Yes, Sanz Clima has 3 factories in Europe, which are Germany, Poland and Spain. In addition, it has 2 delegations: Belgium and Russia. Thanks to this diversification, Sanz Clima has the ability to be close to our clients at any time and to deliver our products on time.

Yes, it´s called Once you get access, you can either buy spare parts at the online store, manage maintenances, manage warranties, access to any needed documents and if you HVAC unit is connected, watch real time information remotely.

Defrosters, auxiliary heaters, convectors, electric applications, telematic devices, telematic control devices for HVAC, customized AC products, very light AC products and spare parts.

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