Clima & Telematic: a perfect pair

Why Sanz Telematic ?

Reduces labor installation time of the HVAC system for the bodybuilder.

Preventive maintenance: reduces labor maintenance time and the out of service time for fleets or final customer.

Increases the performance of the HVAC system: finds the faults in the HVAC system in a few seconds/minutes.

Predict maintenance in the HVAC system to avoid any situation of out of service for customers.

You could see the value of any climate parameter in real time.

Why ? knows what you need to do and sends you messages to inform you, through e-mails, push notifications and notices, when and how your equipment needs important attention for proper operation.

All activities are registered by This information is updated and always available, and can be checked by bodybuilder, the workshops and fleets.

Warranty time conditions will be increased when the equipment’s maintenance has been properly followed according to the proposals.

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