Our Philosophy

The Clients are the First

We prioritize the satisfaction of our Clients over anything else, offering products adapted to their needs and budget.

We continuously innovate in the improvement of our products and services, applying new technologies in Operation, Design, Assembly and Manufacturing.

Wide experience

Complete knowledge of the market, since 1956

New technologies

Applied to all our process: design, assembly, manufacturing… we seek progress

Innovative services

We offer innovative, exclusive and unique services in the market.

Customer support

Telematic, face-to-face and telephone services that guarantee and ensure the satisfaction of our Clients.

World presence

Worldwide expansion, having presence in more than 30 countries around the world.

Continuous improvements

We aim to provide innovative and leading-edge products and services.

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What We Do

Our approach is clear: taking the company to an international-level position offering the best services to our customers and maintaining the leadership in innovation and technology.

Our pillars have always been quality, innovation, and a mindset aimed at offering solutions through the best service.

The dimension of our success is reflected in the diffusion of our products, installed in thousands of vehicles all over the world.

Buses and coaches


Trains, special vehicles, industrial cranes, cabins


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