Who we are

50   years is a long time, but it looks like it was yesterday. For over 50 years developing, manufacturing and supplying heating systems for vehicles.

Work patterns are simple and have always been the same: innovation, quality, price and customer proximity.

Today our offer contains all the products and accessories needed for a heating system for vehicles, mainly buses and special vehicles.

The product range is completed with air conditioning machinery and trains, where we are also veterans, we have train’s equipments for over 20 years.

We only have words of thanks to the people who have helped us during this time to become a significant supplier. The tenacity of our father, the professional and personal qualities of employees who have been with us, and clients open to new technical proposals are the main resources that we have had.

Today’s world is evolving very fast, and so are we. Today we offer you the best media production and three development’s and production’s plants located in Spain, Poland and Brazil. We are a company with all the experience gained in its history, but with a very young team, and the whole future ahead.

Each day faster, more competitive, every day better, in Europe, America, Middle and Far East, We are and we will be to attend your needs.

50 years is just the beginning, the beginning of a road we want to do with our clients.


Quality is not having the norm, but the norm proves to have a level of quality.

We comply with the UNE EN ISO 9001 certified according to the German institute “Tüv Management Service GmbH”.

We want to do well our job, that’s all. And when we are wrong we assume the problem,  we correct it and learn the lesson to go on improving.

We are the people of Pedro Sanz which we put our knowledge, our intelligence and our patterns of work to get some quality records according to the needs of our clients, which are different in so many different markets.


The precision, quality, repetitive maintenance standards requires the best tools of production.

But not only that, also the need to be competitive  forces to have modern and well maintained tools.

Automatic machines perfectly suited to our needs give us adequate flexibility and necessary quality.

The small production series, the short-run periods, constant product developments force us to be fast, agile and rigorous, but none of this is possible without adequate technical tools.


Pedro Sanz Roldán founded the company in 1951 as a small repair shop for electric vehicles located in the Plaza Conde Valle de Suchil of Madrid.

In 1957 we manufactured first  water heaters with proprietary technology, complementing which we were already suppling from company Robert Bosch. What then was Seida, today inside the Setra, was our first customer. Then were coming others, primarily in Spain, as Irizar, Castro, Iniauto, Unicar …

In 1962 we increased our offer thanks to a distribution agreement with German company Eberspächer, manufacturer of air heating systems with diesel burner, and today leader in  independent heating systems  (www.eberspaecher.com).

Pedro Sanz installed the first water preheater in 60s in a Magirus, bodywork by Irizar, with destination market in France.

In 1970, as Bosch left to manufacture products for this market, we decided to complete our offer with more self-developed products.

Since then the trend has been steady, increasing the range of products and customers we attend. So today we have vehicles on the road with our euquipments in countries like Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany, Israel, France, Sweden, United Kingdom, Mexico, China, Brazil …

In 70s, leveraging our technical development capability, we initiated the development of air conditioning equipment for railways and other high-tech applications. With a level of technical demands and even higher reliability than the automobile, our technical team has achieved in this sector to be a major supplier, that a high percentage of circulating locomotives in Spain have our equipments. We supply equipment to RENFE, among others, for the series 269, 309, 310, 311, 321, to Talgo heating kits for trains destinated to Kazakhstan, or refrigeration equipment for the new high-speed trains Talgo 350, CAF and ALSTON .

The incorporation of the second-generation to family business involved further impetus, and brought more innovation and drive.

The beginning of the XXI century was a special challenge for us with the decision to establish a company in Brazil, which is the second country in the world producing buses. Just three years after our arrival and we are the important supplier for bodybuilders companies, with a workforce hundred percent Brazilian.

Today in addition to factories in Spain and Brazil we have another in Poland to attend Eastern Europe and countries like Russia, Ukraine …

SANZ Clima is part of the group of companies founded by Pedro Sanz Roldán, employing more than 150 employees. Their activities are varied, and include those related to the automotive or air conditioning, either vehicles or buildings.

50 years are nothing or are a lifetime. Our project is a creature even bundled up and want to have a much more even development. We hope to make this journey with you.