Radal G5 is a family of products. Its design allows the settings for the heating range appropriate for each market.
From Egypt to Finland needs are different, and the G5 Radal allows this adaptation.
There are two special versions for extreme cases:
Radal G5 S:
Is the same design but that a lower height considering “warm markets”
Radal G5 F:
To the standard product is added forced air for applications where it is necessary a more power (cold countries, installation near the vehicle doors…)
Thermal comfort, design and luxury applications in 1 product:
– Thermal comfort at floor level (same as Radal G5)
– Customised design height, depth, aspect … matching the vehicle styling.
– Upper and lower edge to match vehicle trim (flush trim with minimum visible fixations
– Plinth integrated in side wall trim (minimum materials behind plinth saves materials, weight …)
– Led light strip integrated (optional)
– Indirect lighting, not disturbing, helpful at night
– Internet wiring and plugs integrated (optional)
– Connectors and eventually power supply in lower zone (lower temperatures bypassing air)
See the following table:

  Width Height Heating Power Weight
Radal G5 70 mm 159 mm 774 w Q100 2,6 kg/m