Radal G5

Radal G5 is a set for heating of the passenger compartment, which generates heat convection, as the classic convectors, and adds radiation capability.
Combine both sources of heat can increase enormous improvement passenger thermal comfort: feet are heated as the head with a very homogeneous temperature distribution within carrier.
Small dimensions, Low weight, and continuous over full vehicle length, merges radiator, convector and heaters with blowers.
Technical solution for:
Optimised comfort at all ambient conditions, 1 design suits all climates
Locally increased capacity by units with blower (in area doors, steps …)

Possibility to locally supplement more heat (different temperature control front to rear, acting over heaters with blowers)
High capacity for vehicles without roof heating
Easy to install due to fixations, connections and end-plates according to specific customer requirements
Radal G5 is a manufactured product 100 % aluminum, which means good conditions for heat transmission and low weight.
Apart from the product basis, Radal G5, we have all the fittings and accessories for mounting: covers, intermediate to be able to unite different tranches Radal, brackets to the wall, and connections to the water circuit…

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