The main benefit of Radal G5 is the combination of warming by convection and radiation warming.
Comfort is determined by many very subjective feelings, with each person being influenced uniquely. However, it is well documented that a substantial part of comfort depends on “thermal comfort”. The results are contained in International standards (ISO 7730) with a major portion due to the work of the Danish scientist P. O. Fanger
The G5 Radal performs a much more uniform warming than the traditional convectors, carrier since the advantages of them joins global warming by radiation at the bottom. The average temperature in the feet area in a vehicle equipped with Radal G5 is more than 2 ° C higher compared to the convector.
In addition passengers receive radiation in their feet and legs, avoiding having hot head but cold feet.
This radiation is generated by a large area of the vehicle heated at high temperature resulting in high-powered radiation.
The protective profile design eliminates the risks of burns.