The first thing that stands out in the installation of the G5 Radal is that all the parts needed for fixing are hidden behind it.
Not being visible parts of subject has two big advantages, aesthetics and lower above other solutions
There are two ways to install, with a piece of fixation to the wall of the vehicle which is standard and adapts to more than 80 % of cases, and a customizable second to those cases where body builders has a complex angle between the floor and the wall of the vehicle.
Once parts supports are fixed, Radal G5 is hung by the top and is fixed with parts lock at the bottom.
This system is very simple, allowing a fast and secure fitting.
Installation of water circuit connections is very simple. These connections, equipped with 2 o’rings and thread are inserted in the G5 Radal tubes. Allow connections can rotate to suit the need of the vehicle.
The Assembly is installed without any weld.
The result is a valid assembly for all vehicles, fast, secure and aesthetically outstanding.