• anclaje

    Plastic connector for attaching the heating elements and protection cover support clips and brackets

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  • cubierta_perforada
    Perforated cover

    Cover plate with slots to make radiant heat pass from the heating core into the interior

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  • conector
    (Hose) Connector

    Conector con sistema de bloqueo automático, se inserta en los tubos de agua para permitir la conexión de la calefacción con mangueras

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  • nucleo_calor
    Heating Core


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  • cubierta_protectora
    Protection cover (Joining cover)

    Not perforated cover, installed between heating plinths, hiding connections from view and protecting against vandalism

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  • tapa-union
    End plate and joint piece

    The end plate is a trim element, fixed into the cover at its terminals in order to close the heating element. The joint piece is may be inserted between adjacent covers in order to avoid gaps and sharp edges

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  • fijacion_partida
    Separated fixation

    Support plastic clip, supports the heating element in its upper edge towards the side wall.

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  • fijacion_doble
    Double fixation

    Fixed to the side wall, it supports 2 heating units, joining one another by fixations at top and bottom

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