• Toberas 6
    Air system parts

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  • Turbinas 2

    We have blowers with a variety of characteristics, with brushes or brushless, with 2 or 3 speed control or with progressive electronic control.

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  • Conexiones 4

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  • Valvulas y Grifos 3
    Valves and Taps

    To regulate the flow of hot water through the Defroster. These can be for manual opening and closing or motorised with electronic control. There are 2 and 3 way versions and on/off or progressive opening options.

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  • Bombas de agua 3
    Water pumps

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  • doc
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  • Tubería y sistemas de conexión Olmp X
    Olmo X pipes and coupling systems

    It is a cross-linked polyethylene plastic tubing generation.

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  • Tubería y sistemas de conexión Olmp P
    Olmo P pipes and coupling systems

    Polybutylene piping, ideal for easy assembly because it requires no assembly tools.

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